Unvaccinated ambulance service staff to be removed from frontline duties

Paramedics who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 are to be removed from frontline duties involving direct contact with patients.

A number of national Ambulance Service staff who were unvaccinated against Covid-19 have been stood down from frontline duties in recent weeks. 

At least six paramedics in the west of the country were informed in recent days that they were to be “redeployed” as part of a HSE policy regarding unvaccinated health workers, 

This means they were shifted  from ambulance duty to other tasks within the HSE which would not see them come into direct contact with patients.

The paramedics being redeployed will only work Monday to Friday and not receive any premium pay during their period away from frontline duties, several NAS sources said.

One person has since received a first dose vaccination and has returned to work, the sources said. 

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