A Russian school shook in terror as nine killed in a gun assault by a teenager

Nine people including students killed in a school in Russia as a man equipped with guns launched an attack. The shocked students were hiding under their desks and many ran out of the school. Reports shows that almost 21 people were admitted to the hospital with silly injuries and six people were admitted in dangerous conditions. The arrested attacker was a boy aged only 19.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that these kinds of attacks in schools are very rare in the country and ordered the head of the country’s National Guard to revise the rules on the type of ammunition civilians can use. The media said that the guy was a former student of the school who had a weird thought as he himself is the God and promised to kill many people.

The authorities had announced a day of mourning on Wednesday and all classes are cancelled in Kazan schools. Security is tightened in all schools in the city and they are asked to be very vigilant on not repeating the Beslari attack which was deadliest school attack ever in their history.

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