Dept of Agriculture, Multi-Species Sward Measure Closes on 14th April

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has announced a short extension to the closing date for its Multi-Species Swards Measure. The Measure will now close at midnight on 14th April. It had been due to close at midnight on 4th April.

As of Monday lunchtime, over 800 farmers had applied for the Measure. The department has confirmed that this extension will not delay the processing of approval letters for existing applicants.

Commenting on the announcement, Minister McConalogue said, “As of Monday afternoon, the department’s system showed over 800 farmers had applied for this innovative measure but a further 500 farmers had prepared a draft application that was not yet completed or submitted. Considering this, I have decided to extend the closing date as I want to ensure that everyone who wishes to apply for the Measure will have an opportunity to do so. The Multi-Species Swards Measure will now close on the 14th of April, the same day as the Red Clover Silage Measure that I announced last week. It is important that those that have engaged complete the application process.”

The Minister concluded by saying, “This is an excellent support measure, and I am keen to support as many farmers as possible as we seek to improve the sustainability of our production systems. I am delighted to see this support come to fruition as it will support farmers to help reduce their dependency on chemical fertiliser.”

Farmers wishing to apply for the Multi Species Swards Measure, or the Red Clover Silage Measure should apply through by 14 April 2022.

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