Dublin taxi demand shoots up owing to Covid pub closing times

Demand for Dublin taxis has skyrocketed due to the pub timings in Dublin, as everyone gets out at the same time.

Taxi owners are saying how they are facing intense pressure between 11pm and 1am every Friday and Saturday in Dublin city as all the pubs close by then and the customers have to leave.

However, Alan Cooley from the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation is rather hopeful that this ‘frenzy’ will ease once nightclubs finally reopen on October 22.

He said: “The problem in Dublin city is that all the pubs shut at the same time, so everyone is on the streets within that hour looking for a taxi.

“But I can guarantee that by 2am it’s all done and dusted.

“It’s like a frenzy, no matter what taxis you have on the road, you can’t really cover every corner of Dublin city. That’s the problem at the moment.

“But when the nightclubs are open, it was staggered but everyone is being dumped out of the pubs at the same time on a Friday and Saturday night.

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