Extra test centres needed in Donegal as rate incidence of Covid 19 cases rises in the county

Donegal is having more and more Covid positive cases for the last few days and there are calls for extra walk in Covid test centres to be set up there. The local governing authorities met the health minister Stephen Donelly demanding the same. Donegal has the highest rate of incidence of Covid cases in the country.

Donegal TD, Joe McHugh had said that extra test centres are very much needed according to the current situation. The time frame which was asked is around ten days. A lag in the demand will cause more dangerous situation in the county. Discussions were conducted on what could be done more to defend the pandemic and Donegal needs to turn around the high rates of cases to nil.

Garda have alerted the people to be careful and plan their weekend activities with utmost care. People who are outside their homes will be fined if they are found roaming non essentially. The Health Service Executive and Public Health Agency are urging the people to stick with the advice particularly with cross border activities.

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