Homeless pregnant mum who is living on the streets pleads for accommodation

Sarah Jane Lynch, a pregnant mother who lost 10 members of her family in the Carrickmines fire said she’s living on the streets and is pleading with the council to be given a home.

Sarah (25), from Bray, Co Wicklow, lost her aunts, cousins and other relatives in the horrific fire which claimed the lives of 10 people at halting site in Carrickmines in Dublin in October 2015.

According to the Sunday World, at the time of the fire she was living in a caravan in the garden of her parents John and Kathleen Lynch’s home at Sally’s Rest in Blind Lane, Bray, but was asked to move out over safety fears and was told she would be rehomed.

“My life is still the same. We’re still on the streets. The council told me to get rid of my caravan after my family died and said they would house me. Six years later I’m the same way,” she said.

Sarah said her brother, who was also living in a caravan outside her parents’ house, was given a home but she remains homeless.

“I found out at New Years that I’m two months pregnant. I just can’t stick it anymore. I can’t live like this anymore. It’s just ridiculous.”

Sarah said her young daughter and son are living in her parents’ home in Bray and while she visits them every day, she sleeps rough at night with her partner Patrick.

“My kids want to be with their mother and father and have a normal life. At the moment it’s like I’m a part-time mother. I want to be with my kids.”

The deaths of her relatives in 2015 had a devastating impact on her, she said

“I lost a lot of my family back in 2015 in Carrickmines halting site. I lost 10 members of my family in that.

The fire claimed the lives of Sarah Jane’s aunt Sylvia (27), uncle Thomas Connors (25), their children Jimmy (5), Christy (2) and Mary (five months), her uncle Willy (25) and his pregnant fiancée Tara Gilbert (27), their daughters Jodie (9) and Kelsey (4) and her uncle Jimmy (39).

She said that because of Carrickmines tragedy she struggled with addiction but got clean.

“I’m fresh now but I’m still on the streets.” She pleaded with Wicklow County Council for accommodation for her and family.

“My kids stay with my mother and father because of this other situation. If I got a home my kids will be back with me and I can have a normal life but because I have no home, I can’t have a normal life.

“Kids are asking me every day when we’re going to be together again. My heart is broken in bits over it. I see them every day but have to walk away at the end of the day because I can’t stay here.”

Wicklow County Council, spokesperson said that they did not comment on individual cases.

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