“I look like a show horse, but I’m a work horse,” says Dolly Parton

The legendary country singer said: “I look like a show horse, but I’m a work horse,” she said. “I just really feel like I’ve never reinvented myself, I’ve always stayed the same person, I’m just a flowing person.”

“They talk about being in your second childhood – that doesn’t mean you’re childish. That just means you’re going back, and as you’re getting older, you long for that.”

“I would say I’m as old as yesterday and as new as tomorrow.”

Barry also said that, growing older leads you to reflecting more on your past.

“Isn’t it funny how we don’t really remember the really bad things, but we never forget the great things?” Barry said.

While he may be mainly known for his disco tunes, Barry has turned to country music, saying: “I think deep down we’ve always been country artists”.

Barry and Dolly collaborated on the new song, ‘Words’, which was released in January of 2021.

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