Indian Origin Girl Win Laurels At U17 Grade A Irish Nationals-Badminton Tournament

Michelle Shochan won the U17 Grade A Irish Nationals held at Baldoyle Badminton Centre. She has won the women’s singles title as well as the women’s doubles title. The women’s doubles title was shared with Laura Comer from Northern Ireland.

The U17 Grade A Irish Nationals was held at Baldoyle Badminton Centre from 26th to 27th February 2022.

Michelle Shochan was also declared the winner of the women’s singles title after she defeated Laura Comer in the U17 Grade A Irish Nationals.

Michelle holds the top 1 ranking in Ireland’s U15 singles.

Starting from 8 years of age, Michelle Shochan was primarily trained by her father, Shochan, an instructor at the DFTC (Defence Forces Training Centre) physical education department. Later on, she started coaching with Badminton Ireland as well.

A 2nd-year student at the secondary school, Maryfield College Griffith Avenue, Michelle has been representing the U17 Irish team since 11 years of age.

Michelle is also the winner of the U17 championship in women’s singles and mixed doubles, 2021.

Hannah Shochan, sister of Michelle Shochan is the U13 All England Gold winner of badminton in Kent, London.

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