Petition: Save Immigrants from Minors – Criminal law required for Racism and Anti-Social behaviour. Do you agree?

Aditya Mohtra started a petition against racism and anti-social behaviour toward immigrants.

The petition can be signed by clicking the link.

“Immigrants leave their homes and families and travel so far for work and also they contribute to the economy of the country they migrate to. The least they can expect is to walk on the road, travel in public transport without any fear. 

Over the years in Dublin, things have gone from bad to worse and every day you get to hear stories about how unsafe Dublin has become. Not only immigrants are targeted but also Irish adults, especially the older age.

Minors carry knives in their pocket, steal, threaten if not given money, humiliate, assault and pass racist comments and they get away with it because they know their law and this gives them more strength to do such heinous crimes. It is high time to make amendments in law for age 12 -18 yrs. They should not be dealt differently if you see the nature of crimes they commit. Strong action is the need of an hour.  They should be brought under Criminal Justice system. 

How safe are we Dublin? What are the options if someone gets assaulted? We all have come across many such incidents yet nothing has changed. 

Over my stay of 8 years in Dublin, I have faced many racist attacks, being jumped on several times. Once in 2019 I reported to Garda Síochána Dublin when I was so hurt and hospitalised after being attacked by 4. There was no outcome. Many other brutal incidents that I have faced personally and I do know many people who have gone through that. 

Yesterday, while returning from work at around 6:20pm in green line luas, my wife was humiliated and assaulted by three under 18 girls. Now this is the peak time and office hours, luas is full of people. Yet no one came to help her. Everyone was spineless and mute spectators just witnessing wrong being done to her. No security in Luas green line. None came forward to stop those girls. This is the worst part.
 My wife is devastated and hurt internally. She is afraid to go to work. She is afraid to use public transport and there are many other people like her. 

These so-called aggressive minors who are capable of hurting in every way possible need to be brought under the criminal justice system and just a warning won’t make a difference. 

I am sharing my picture from 2019 July when I was assaulted by 4 minors and it is just an example to show what these minors are capable of. 

The law for 12-18 yrs needs serious amendments and brought into criminal justice system. 

We all will come together at Spire on the 22nd of January at 1 pm for a peaceful protest against such crimes and ask for amendments in laws.”

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