Re-entry visa requirements for children under 16, suspended with immediate effect

Re-entry visa requirements for children under 16 have been suspended with immediate effect and until further notice.

Children under 16 who wish to re-enter the State must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has legal permission to reside in the State. The adult accompanying the child must also provide appropriate documentation to prove they are the legal parent or guardian of the child in question.

Suitable documents to prove the relationship between the parent or guardian and the child are:

  • A birth or adoption certificate, or guardianship papers showing your relationship with the child
  • A marriage/divorce certificate if you are the child’s parent but have a different surname
  • A death certificate in the case of a deceased parent

Further information about travelling with children is available online at

Please note that current applications for re-entry visas for children under 16 will be returned along with passports to customers in the coming days.

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