Taliban to reach Kabul from ‘all sides’; Possibility of power transfer increases

The Taliban terrorists have almost entered Afghanistan’s capital Kabul from all sides and there are speculations that the government will transfer power to the extremists anytime soon. As per the reports, the Taliban fighters have reached the outskirts of Kabul just a day after capturing Kandahar, the second largest city in the country.

Meanwhile the interior minister of Afghanistan said that, the country would see a ‘peaceful transfer of power’ to a transitional government. He also added that the city would not be attacked.

The Taliban have also said, the life, property and dignity of people will not be harmed and the lives of the citizens of Kabul will noy be at risk.

Following the latest movement from Taliban, an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting is planned on Afghanistan, according to a Russian foreign ministry official Mr Zamir Kabulov.

Countries like the US and the UK are trying to bring back their officials from embassy offices. The US army helicopters have also landed near the embassy.

Peace talks between in Qatar between the Taliban and the Afghan authorities too didn’t do any hold from the terrorists moving against the government. The Taliban had killed many army personnel and a film artist in Afghanistan recently, which left the people scared for their lives and the Taliban’s barbarian ruling. Pakistan had closed its border with Afghanistan saying, they can’t take the burden of Afghan refugees.

The Taliban terrorists reopened their attacks as the US-led troops began to withdraw from Afghanistan after a 20-year occupation.

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