Varadkar admits lack of gas storage leaves Ireland ‘vulnerable’

According to the Tánaiste, the Government does not anticipate any oil supply issues, as Ireland has around three months’ supply.

However, Leo Varadkar stated that Ireland lacks sufficient gas storage, making the country “vulnerable.”

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan is bringing plans to Cabinet today that would allow the government to distribute oil in the case of a catastrophe.

The Tánaiste claimed that the general population should not be concerned about fuel, but he is concerned about the country’s lack of gas storage facilities.

Mr. Varadkar said: “We roughly have about 90 days’ storage of oil, which means that in the unlikely event that the supply of petrol and diesel was cut off we would have enough for about three months. So we want to ensure we strengthen those measures and protections, we aren’t anticipating any problems with the oil supply, but it’s always good to be prepared.”

“Obviously we’re giving consideration to what we can do about gas storage as well because that’s something we don’t have in Ireland and that is a vulnerability.”

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