A single case on Money Laundering through youngsters may find themselves in prison with severe sentences, said Judge Martin Nolan

During the hearing of Arina Jersova’s criminal money case, in which €11,000 was kept in her account which were gained through criminal proceeds, Judge Martin Nolan said that youth and students will be jailed if they tend to support criminal proceeds through their bank accounts. The court said that youth is being targeted by criminals and give them rewards to hold their money.

The defense counsel for Jersova told the court that she was picked up by the criminals from her school and made her withdraw money from three different locations. She was just 18 when this happened. Her card was held by the criminals wich was found by the Garda in their search procedures.

The Judge warned the youngsters to be more careful in the situation where money laundering through the youth is becoming more dangerous. This should be stopped and said that a single case again would find the prisons with severe sentences.

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