New Single Permit System for Work and Residence

New Single Permit System for Work and Residence to Be Introduced in Ireland

In a move to streamline the process for individuals seeking to work and live in Ireland, the government has announced plans to implement a single permit system over the next three years. This system will allow both employment and residence permits to be obtained through a single application. Currently, Ireland, along with Denmark, is one … Read more

Spouses of Work Permit Holders in Ireland

New Employment Opportunities for Spouses of Work Permit Holders in Ireland

The Irish government has announced significant changes to immigration permissions for eligible spouses and partners of certain work permit holders in the country. Effective immediately, those who qualify will now be granted a Stamp 1G permission, allowing them to seek employment without the need for a separate work permit. Under the updated policy, spouses and … Read more

Welfare Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland

Government Expands Welfare Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland

In a bid to extend vital assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict, the Irish government is considering a significant expansion of social welfare provisions. Under the proposed plan, all Ukrainian nationals arriving in Ireland, regardless of arrival date, would be eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance amounting to €232 weekly, along with indefinite accommodation support provided … Read more

Sinn Féin, Fine Gael, and the Green

Major Parties Shift Stance as Concerns Over Immigration Mount

In a notable turn of events, Sinn Féin, Fine Gael, and the Greens have retracted their staunch anti-immigration positions amidst mounting public apprehension over the escalating refugee crisis. Recent polling by IrelandThinks/Sunday Independent indicates a surge in support for Sinn Féin, with the party’s popularity now standing at 29%, up by three points. Conversely, Fine … Read more

Refugee Arrivals in Dublin

Refugee Arrivals in Dublin Spark Government Criticism

Dublin is grappling with a surge in refugee arrivals, largely concentrated in the capital, drawing sharp criticism of the government’s handling of the situation. With thousands camping across the city, concerns mount over the lack of shelter and support for vulnerable individuals. Critics lambast the government’s silence and apparent inaction, highlighting the plight of male … Read more

Ireland Border

Ireland Refuses Direct Border Checks Amid UK Immigration Dispute

The Department of Justice in Ireland has clarified that gardaí (police officers) will not conduct direct checks at the Northern Ireland border amidst a mounting row with the UK over refugee arrivals. Despite earlier announcements of 100 Garda officers being allocated to immigration issues, the department emphasized they won’t be assigned to border inspections. Furthermore, … Read more

Indian Embassy in Dublin

Indian Embassy in Dublin Expands Payment Options for Consular Services

The Indian Embassy in Dublin has introduced new payment methods for consular services to enhance convenience for applicants. Effective immediately, fees for all consular applications submitted in person at the Embassy can now be paid using debit cards. Additionally, applicants opting for postal services can now make payments via bank transfer. In a recent announcement, … Read more

EU Parliament Passes Law-Refugee

EU Parliament Passes Law to Curtail Refugee Influx Amid Rising Political Tensions

In a significant move aimed at curbing illegal immigration, the European Parliament has approved a new law despite opposition from countries like Poland. This law, which took eight years of discussions to materialize, emphasizes quicker border security and asylum processing within six months. The law’s focal points include reducing illegal immigration from regions like the … Read more

Stamp 4 Eligibility

Changes to Stamp 4 Eligibility for Employees in Ireland

Effective immediately, Immigration Delivery Service (ISD) has updated eligibility criteria for Stamp 4 upgrades for employees residing in Ireland on Stamp 1 or 1H permissions. Following a review, employees can now qualify for a Stamp 4 upgrade under the following conditions: 21-Month Period: Employees with Critical Skills Employment Permits, Hosting Agreements as Researchers, or Multi-Site … Read more

Mastermind Con-Artist : Vani Prasanna Gutta – In the Mastery of Deception: The Gutta Siblings’ Scandal

Written by Amit Bansal, Forensic Accountant, ACFE In the realm of skill acquisition, it’s often said that for every Master, there’s an Apprentice. Such was the relationship between Vani Prasanna Gutta (Mastermind) and Vamsi Gutta (Apprentice), entwined not just by blood but by a web of deceit that spanned across continents.Recent investigations by AFG Forensics … Read more

Scam Alert: Vamsi Narayana Gutta, Con Artist, absconding After Defrauding Indians in Ireland

Residents, especialy people of Indian origin across Ireland are being cautioned about Vamsi Narayana Gutta, a native of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, who orchestrated multiple scams targeting Indian nationals, particularly students. Gutta, who remains at large, is accused of duping over 50 individuals, amassing a sum close to 100,000 euros through fraudulent means. Operating under various … Read more

ireland immigration

Ireland Shows Growing Support for Immigration Despite Rising Tensions

A recent report by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) sheds light on Ireland’s evolving stance on immigration. Surveying 3,008 individuals in 2023, the report indicates a marked increase in support for immigrants compared to previous years. Notably, Irish citizens are more open-minded, believing immigrants contribute positively to culture and the economy. However, tensions … Read more

Illegal Immigration-Ireland

Ireland Bolsters Border Controls Amid Surge in Illegal Immigration

In Dublin, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar disclosed that the majority of illegal immigration into the Republic is occurring through Northern Ireland. Varadkar affirmed Ireland’s commitment to fortifying border checks to stem the tide of illegal entries. Plans are underway to enhance border security, particularly around the European Union perimeters. Varadkar emphasized Ireland’s preference for legal … Read more

Irish Prime Minister- Leo Varadkar

Irish Prime Minister Supports Reviewing Illegal Immigration Applications from Non-EU Countries

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar surprised many by backing the consideration of applications from illegal immigrants outside the EU. Speaking at the center-right European People’s Party conference, Varadkar discussed the party’s focus on global migration in its election manifesto. The manifesto suggests ending agreements with third countries to ensure a safe process for asylum seekers. … Read more

Yellow Rain Warning Issued In Dublin

Yellow Rain Warning Issued for Dublin, Louth, Meath, and Wicklow as Heavy Rainfall Expected to Cause Snowfall and Travel Disruptions

In a precautionary move, the Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning for counties Dublin, Louth, Meath, and Wicklow, effective from 3am today until 3am tomorrow. Experts anticipate intense rainfall in these regions, resulting in icy conditions and subsequent snowfall. The advisory also highlights the potential for localized flooding. Drivers are urged to exercise … Read more