Indian train collision in Odisha, nearly 300 dead, another 900 injured

The country’s biggest rail catastrophe in more than two decades, the collision of two Indian passenger trains in Odisha state has resulted in 288 deaths and more than 850 injuries, a state government official told AFP on Saturday. One passenger train is thought to have derailed before being struck by another on the adjacent track … Read more

Netflix expands password-sharing crackdown worldwide

In an effort to boost income at the top streaming video provider, Netflix on Tuesday expanded its crackdown on customers sharing passwords with anyone outside of their immediate family . According to a statement from the corporation, “A Netflix account is for use by one household.” In the beginning of the year, Netflix stated that more … Read more

WhatsApp introduces new feature to edit messages

A new feature that is expected to transform WhatsApp will be introduced. WhatsApp users may now edit their sent messages to correct any mistakes, whether they were embarrassing typos or mistakenly pushing “send” before finishing your statement . But there’s a catch as the edit option will only be available for 15 minutes after the … Read more

Half of animal species in population decline worldwide, research finds

New study found that the population numbers of over half of the animal species that live on Earth’s surface are now declining. The research, which was just released, is the most extensive of its sort to date and evaluates how population densities have changed over time for more than 70,000 animal species from all over … Read more

Facebook-owner Meta fined €1.2 billion by Irish data watchdog

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has fined Facebook parent firm Meta €1.2 billion for violations involving the transfer of personal data from the EU to the US. It surpasses the previous record fine of €746 million, which was levied on Amazon in 2021, to become the highest EU privacy fine ever. As part of … Read more

Plastic-eating fungi found in Chinese coastal salt marshes

The identification of plastic-eating fungi and bacteria in salt marshes near the Chinese coast by an international team of researchers opens up new opportunities for the management of global waste. Researchers from China and the UK collected samples of microorganisms in May 2021 from China’s Dafeng, a UNESCO-protected location close to the Yellow Sea shore. … Read more

Global temperatures set to be hottest ever in next five years : WMO

Global temperatures are likely to surge to record levels in the next five years, fuelled by heat-trapping greenhouse gases and a naturally occurring El Niño event, according to a new update issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  There is a 66% chance that the annual average near-surface global temperature between 2023 and 2027 will be more … Read more

WHO declares Covid-19 is no longer global health emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Covid-19 no longer represents a global health emergency, a major step towards the end of the pandemic that has killed more than 6.9 million people, disrupted the global economy and ravaged communities. The global health agency’s emergency committee met on Thursday and recommended the UN organization declare an … Read more

Northern Irish climber dies after scaling Himalayan peak, Indian climber missing

Noel Hanna, a well-known climber from Northern Ireland, died after coming down from the top of the tenth-highest mountain in the world. An Indian climber is also missing on the same mountain, according to climbing officials. Mr Hanna, who had climbed Mount Everest ten times, scaled the 8,091 metre-high Annapurna peak in west Nepal yesterday. … Read more

Biden to wrap up visit to Ireland with trip to Mayo

Today, US President Joe Biden will wrap up his trip to Ireland with series activities in Co Mayo. The main event of the day will be a public address in Ballina, where President Biden’s forefathers emigrated in the middle of the nineteenth century. His links with the area and the bonds he has forged in … Read more

US man developed “Uncontrollable” Irish accent after cancer diagnosis

A cancer patient in the United States developed an “uncontrollable Irish accent” during treatment, despite never having visited Ireland and having no close relatives from the country. Researchers in the US said the development was consistent with Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS). According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, the man in his … Read more

World’s oldest dog creates Guinness World Record as he turns 30

A Portuguese dog named Bobi celebrated his 30th birthday in a tiny village in central Portugal last year. Guinness World Records has recognised him as the “oldest dog in the world.” Rafeiro do Alentejo dogs typically live 12 to 14 years, and Bobi is a purebred member of this breed. He was 30 years and … Read more

Cocaine worth €295 million found floating in sea in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand announced on Wednesday that they had discovered 3.2 tonnes of cocaine floating at sea that was thought to be headed for Australia and was worth more than €295 million. In a joint operation with the New Zealand Customs Service and the New Zealand Defence Force, the New Zealand Police claimed in … Read more