Revolutionary ‘Hospital At Home’ Initiative To Tackle Overcrowding In Irish Hospitals

In a groundbreaking move, Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) has revealed plans to introduce Acute Virtual Wards at Limerick University Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital early next year. This innovative project, known as ‘Hospital at Home,’ aims to alleviate overcrowding by providing medical care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Under the … Read more

Dubliners Shy Away From City Centre Amid Safety Concerns, New Poll Reveals

A recent poll conducted by Amárach Research for the Irish Daily Mail has unveiled a growing reluctance among Dubliners to visit the city centre due to rising safety concerns. Shockingly, over half of surveyed Dublin residents, 56%, and 40% nationally, admit to either significantly reducing their visits or avoiding the city altogether, citing worries about … Read more

AMC Cricket Club & Sheela Palace Restaurant Hosts Grand Celebration For India-Australia ODI World Cup Final

In an exciting collaboration, Dublin’s renowned AMC Cricket Club and the beloved Sheila Palace Restaurant hosted an extravagant celebration for the much-anticipated India-Australia ODI World Cup final match. On Sunday, November 19, fans and food enthusiasts alike reveled in the excitement with unlimited food and drinks from 9 am until nightfall. The Sheela Palace Restaurant, … Read more

Supervalu Closes 2 Stores Amid Rising Costs & Fierce Competition

In response to the escalating cost of living and intensifying competition within the retail sector, Supervalu, a major supermarket chain in Ireland, has shuttered two of its stores. The affected outlets, located in Ballymun (north Dublin) and Market Cross (Kilkenny), faced closure due to dwindling profitability exacerbated by a decline in customer footfall. Earlier this … Read more

Antibiotic Shortages In Ireland Spark Concerns; Patients Urged To Consult Doctors Amidst Stock Depletion

In a recent report by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), it has been disclosed that Ireland is grappling with a shortage of antibiotic tablets commonly used for treating ear infections and sinusitis. The affected medication, a generic form of Augmentin, is anticipated to remain unavailable until next month, intensifying concerns about dwindling stock levels. … Read more

Tragedy Narrowly Averted As Building Collapses In Leitrim: Woman Rescued After 30 Minutes In Rubble

In a harrowing incident this Sunday afternoon, a building crumbled onto the streets of Mohill, Co Leitrim. The catastrophe unfolded when a parked van on the road precipitated the collapse, trapping a woman within the wreckage for half an hour. Emergency responders successfully extricated her, revealing she suffered broken hands. The front wall of a … Read more

Australia Clinches ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Title In Thrilling Final Showdown

In a spectacular finale, Australia secured victory over India by 6 wickets to claim the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 title. The excitement didn’t end there, as the ICC Dream XI team was promptly announced, featuring an impressive lineup dominated by Indian and Australian talents. Notably, 6 Indian players made the cut, showcasing their outstanding … Read more

TikTok Users Exposed To Harmful Mental Health Content Within Minutes, Amnesty International Reports

In a concerning revelation, new research by Amnesty International has shed light on the disturbingly swift exposure of children to harmful mental health content on the popular social media platform, TikTok. According to the findings, it can take as little as 20 minutes for a child to encounter such content while browsing the app. Amnesty … Read more

Smoke Within Plane During Take-Off Prompts Emergency At Dublin Airport

Dublin, Ireland – Dublin Airport found itself in the midst of a tense situation on Sunday afternoon when a private plane, preparing for takeoff, suddenly emitted billows of smoke from its cockpit. The incident prompted an immediate declaration of a full state of emergency at the airport. Emergency rescue teams swiftly moved into action, rushing … Read more

Five Restaurants In Ireland Shut Down Over Shocking Health Violations

In a recent crackdown by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), five establishments faced closure in October due to severe health violations. Shocking findings include the reuse of containers with grease and food residues, mold growth in milkshake preparation equipment, and cooking in unsanitary environments. The affected restaurants are Base Coffee in Kilcullen, Indian … Read more

Google To Permanently Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts, Urges User Action

In a major move, Google is set to delete hundreds of thousands of Gmail accounts globally by December 2023 if they remain inactive for more than two years. The company cites security concerns, explaining that dormant accounts are vulnerable to password breaches, potentially compromising user data. The deletion process will extend to Gmail, Drive, Photos, … Read more

More Work Permit & Apprentice Programmes Needed To Address Construction Worker Shortage

In a recent report by the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI), urgent recommendations have been made to introduce additional apprenticeship programs and work permits to tackle the pressing shortage of skilled workers in the construction sector. The BPFI has expressed concerns that this shortage could exacerbate the ongoing housing crisis in Ireland. According … Read more