Cork and Kerry

Yellow Wind Warning Issued for Cork and Kerry: Residents Urged to Exercise Caution

The Met Office has issued a yellow wind warning for counties Cork and Kerry, effective from 7pm today (Monday) until 6am tomorrow. Meteorological officials are cautioning residents to be vigilant as strong westerly and south-westerly winds are anticipated, posing a risk of accidents from falling tree branches. Heavy rain, coupled with gusty winds, may lead … Read more

Racism and Hate Crimes in Ireland

Thousands Rally in Dublin Demanding Action Against Racism and Hate Crimes in Ireland

In a powerful display of unity, thousands marched from Parnell Square to Merrion Square in Dublin on Saturday, urging the Irish government to combat the escalating wave of racism and hate crimes. Under the banner of ‘Stand Together,’ diverse sections of society united to send a resounding message. The rally featured Palestinian flags, Irish flags, … Read more

Ireland Inflation

Ireland Records 2.2% Yearly Inflation in February; Monthly Surge at 0.9%

Dublin – The Central Statistics Office (CSO) reported a 2.2% rise in Ireland’s inflation in the 12 months leading to February, a slight dip from January’s 2.7%. Examining the monthly dynamics reveals a 0.9% increase in overall market prices. Energy prices witnessed a modest 0.5% surge in February, contributing to the monthly uptick. Notably, when … Read more

Annual IAF Veterans Ireland

14th Annual IAF Veterans Ireland Conference Unveils Dates in Drumcassiddy

Drumcassiddy, County Cavan – The 14th Annual Conference of IAF Veterans Ireland, the esteemed association of retired Indian Air Force officers in Ireland, is set to captivate attendees from March 11 to 13 in the quaint town of Drumcassiddy. Kicking off at 3:30 pm on March 11, the conference will commence with an inauguration ceremony, … Read more

Ryanair Cancels Summer Flights

Ryanair Cancels Summer Flights Amidst Boeing 737 Max 8200 Delivery Delays

In a recent announcement, Ryanair revealed its decision to cancel numerous summer flights due to delays in the delivery of Boeing 737 Max 8200 aircraft. The airline stated that only 40 out of the initially planned 57 aircraft will be available by the end of June. Consequently, Ryanair will be compelled to make minor schedule … Read more

Dublin Government and Pharmacists

Dublin Government and Pharmacists Collaborate to Extend Prescription Period to Cut Unnecessary GP Visits

Dublin – In a strategic collaboration between the Dublin government and pharmacists, a groundbreaking plan is set to roll out in September, extending the prescription period for certain medications from six months to a year. The move aims to curtail unnecessary GP visits and reduce the strain on healthcare resources. Under the new initiative, pharmacists … Read more

Snow in Ireland

Unexpected Heavy Snow Blankets Ireland, Met Éireann’s Warnings Overlooked

In an unforeseen turn of events, Ireland woke up to a winter wonderland as heavy snowfall disrupted normal life. The unexpected snowstorm led to widespread closures of schools and disruptions in various counties, particularly affecting Cavan, Leitrim, and Longford. A yellow ice warning, in effect until 9 am, urged caution due to dangerous travel conditions. … Read more

Migrant Nurses Ireland Leaders

Migrant Nurses Ireland Leaders Vie for INMO Council Seats in Upcoming Elections

In a significant development, Migrant Nurses Ireland has announced its participation in the Executive Council elections of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization (INMO). Notable candidates include Varghese Joy, running for a management seat, and Somi Thomas, contesting for the clinical seat. Thresya P Devassya and Shyam Krishnan are also in the race for management … Read more

Meehol D. Higgins

President Meehol D. Higgins Hospitalized, Declared Stable After Tests

Dublin, Ireland – In a turn of events, 82-year-old Irish President Meehol D. Higgins was admitted to the hospital last night due to feeling unwell. The Rashtrapati Bhavan conducted initial inspections, leading to the decision for further tests and hospitalization. President Higgins, however, remains in stable condition, and all test results have come back positive, … Read more

Student Accommodation

Dublin Government Takes Action to Ease Student Accommodation Woes

In a bid to alleviate the housing struggles faced by students, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris has announced plans to amend planning permissions for student accommodations in Dublin. The proposed changes aim to enforce mandatory leases throughout the academic year, eliminating the current burden of 51-week leases. Students often find themselves obligated to pay rent … Read more

Hijab Awareness Day ireland

Controversy Erupts as Mullingar Catholic School Mandates Hijab for Hijab Awareness Day

In an unexpected move, Loreto College in Mullingar, Westmeath County, faced backlash as the ‘Global Justice Club’ urged all staff and students to don hijabs on Thursday, labeling it as Hijab Awareness Day. The management, seemingly contradicting Catholic traditions, mandated the practice, dismissing it as a non-negotiable requirement. Adding to the surprise, Muslim students were … Read more

Yellow Rain Warning Issued In Dublin

Yellow Rain Warning Issued for Dublin, Louth, Meath, and Wicklow as Heavy Rainfall Expected to Cause Snowfall and Travel Disruptions

In a precautionary move, the Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning for counties Dublin, Louth, Meath, and Wicklow, effective from 3am today until 3am tomorrow. Experts anticipate intense rainfall in these regions, resulting in icy conditions and subsequent snowfall. The advisory also highlights the potential for localized flooding. Drivers are urged to exercise … Read more

Irish Parents Sacrifice Meals

Growing Crisis: Nearly Half of Irish Parents Sacrifice Meals to Feed Children

In Dublin, Ireland, a distressing trend is emerging as 41% of parents, under the Finagel-led government, are forced to cut or forgo meals to ensure their children receive adequate nutrition, as revealed by a Coin Research survey. The struggle to provide for families is pushing parents to extremes, relying on loans and food banks while … Read more

Hospital Overcrowding

Hospital Overcrowding Worsens in Ireland as 530 Patients Await Beds

Dublin – Hospitals in Ireland continue to grapple with a surge in patients on trolleys awaiting treatment, according to figures released by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization (INMO) today. A staggering 530 individuals are currently seeking medical attention without access to beds, with University Hospital Limerick facing the most severe situation at 121 patients. … Read more

Lifetime Driving License

EU Considers Ending Lifetime Driving Licenses to Curb Accidents, France in Opposition

In a bid to tackle the rising number of traffic accidents, the European Union contemplates abandoning lifetime driving licenses. The proposal, part of the European Road Safety Strategy, aims to reduce road fatalities and injuries by 50% by 2030, ultimately striving for deathless roads by 2050. The draft law, subject to further discussion after the … Read more