Government Expands Welfare Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland

In a bid to extend vital assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict, the Irish government is considering a significant expansion of social welfare provisions. Under the proposed plan, all Ukrainian nationals arriving in Ireland, regardless of arrival date, would be eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance amounting to €232 weekly, along with indefinite accommodation support provided by the state.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Prime Minister Simon Harris, alongside Integration Minister Roderick O’Gorman, Social Security Minister Heather Humphreys, and Justice Minister Helen McEndy, have drafted a comprehensive payment proposal aimed at aiding Ukrainian refugees. This initiative follows recent debates surrounding refugee intake and the challenges faced by Ireland’s refugee system, particularly highlighted by the presence of refugee tents along Dublin’s Grand Canal.

Additionally, the government is contemplating revising the rights afforded to international protection applicants, with a report expected within six weeks. As part of a broader effort to ensure sustainable refugee support, coalition leaders have agreed to adjust social welfare payments and implement a 90-day limit on state-provided accommodation for new Ukrainian arrivals.

The European Union’s temporary directive in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has prompted member states, including Ireland, to provide aid through temporary protection measures such as residence permits and suitable housing. Ireland has already welcomed over 105,000 individuals fleeing the conflict, with an additional 72,000 international protection applicants currently under government care. As the government endeavors to extend support to these individuals, efforts are underway to streamline processing procedures and enhance accommodation facilities.

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