New Employment Opportunities for Spouses of Work Permit Holders in Ireland

The Irish government has announced significant changes to immigration permissions for eligible spouses and partners of certain work permit holders in the country. Effective immediately, those who qualify will now be granted a Stamp 1G permission, allowing them to seek employment without the need for a separate work permit.

Under the updated policy, spouses and partners of General Employment Permit (GEP) and Intra-Corporate Transferee (ICT) permit holders, as well as Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) holders and Researchers on a Hosting Agreement, will now be eligible for Stamp 1G status. This change also extends to spouses and partners of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) on a Multi-Site General Employment Permit.

Previously, these individuals were typically issued a Stamp 3 permission, which restricted them from seeking employment. However, the new Stamp 1G permission opens up opportunities for them to join the workforce in Ireland.

Importantly, this adjustment applies to spouses and partners who have been granted family reunification under the Non-EEA Family Reunification Policy and who are legally residing in Ireland on a valid Stamp 3 permission.

The transition to Stamp 1G permission has been made as a temporary administrative measure, allowing eligible spouses and partners to engage in employment without the need for a new Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card. Instead, they can provide prospective employers with a letter explaining this arrangement alongside their current IRP card endorsed with a Stamp 3.

It’s important to note that this arrangement is valid until May 15, 2025. After this date, eligible spouses and partners will need to renew their IRP cards to reflect Stamp 1G conditions.

The new Stamp 1G permission allows holders to work in Ireland without the requirement for an employment permit, and they are also permitted to undertake courses of study. However, they are not allowed to establish or operate a business or be self-employed. Renewal of Stamp 1G registration is required annually, and after five years, holders may become eligible for a Stamp 4 permission.

This change opens up new opportunities for spouses and partners of work permit holders in Ireland, providing them with greater flexibility and autonomy in their employment prospects.

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