Do You Feel Discriminated in Your Workplace? Know more About Equality in your Workspace and its Legal Aspects.

Equality is the basic right that all living beings need and it must be provided too. Unfortunately there are many where people are treated differently and very badly. In a workspace, we know that even though there are many tiers in job classification, everyone should be treated equally.

If we work outside our home nation, the chance of discrimination and exploitation are very high. Through this article, we try to highlight the legal aspects on discrimination and how it should be dealt.

Discrimination happens when anyone is being treated less favourable than another one in same space. Discrimination basically occur when people are compared on the basis of a common factor.

The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015 has made discrimination illegal on employment and employment related areas. The act covers discrimination on equal pay, working conditions, recruitment and promotion and strongly refuses dismissal and harrasments. No one should be discriminated under:

  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Family Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Age

The Employment Equality Legislation has been made and it rightly covers certain situations where discrimination may happen.

  • Equal Pay: Equal pay for equal work is a world wide accepted policy. While signing an employment contract, the terms and conditions make demands the employee should not encourage discrimination. Thus if the contract is found breached, it will be an act against the Dail.
  • Disability: Employers are bound to make supportive rules and corporate legislations for people with disabilities. This makes people more accessible to jobs which suits them.
  • Pregnancy: The company must make sure that no pregnant women are being discriminated in their workspace. They must be provided with maternity protection policies and allowances.
  • Harrasment: No employee should be harassed mentally or sexually in their emoloyment conditions. Bullying at workspace is also a punishable offense.
  • Victimisation: If the employee feels they are being victimized, they can claim a complaint of unlawful discrimination against the employer.

Even though there are rights for them, these still remains on the paper in most cases. The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commision is a statutory body which is meant to provide information to the public and provide legal assistance to people. The Workplace Relations Commission is a platform where employees can bring a discrimination claim under the Employment Equality Acts. It is set up to mediate and investigate claims of unlawful discrimination.

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