Irish Water Authority Detected High Pesticide Level In Public Water Supply

Water which is the main element that people use most is being contaminated day by day. This means our daily routine and health are being degraded as we consume these harmful contaminants in a large quantity.

In Ireland, the amount of pesticides found in the supplied drinking water has risen considerably high and test results shows that 81 pesticides were detected by the Ireland Public Water Supply Monitoring Programme, 2020. The main pesticide which was found commonly is MCPA which is an active substance used to control the growth of insects, thistles and rushes.

Irish Water Authority had published the list of major areas where pesticides are found in high units in the water;

  • Longford Central, Co Longford
  • Belturbet, Co Cavan
    *Newport, Co Mayo
  • Clonroche, Co Wexford
  • Newcastlewest, Co Limerick
  • Foynes Shannon Estuary, Co Limerick

The farmers, ground keepers and domestic users should be well aware on where and how much pesticides should they use. The government should take proper methods and if they are not being implemented, serious action should be taken. Over use of pesticides may kill the pollinating insects and thus native plants and flowers will not grow in plenty. The level of pesticides present in the water till now is not that harmful for the people but the rate in which these toxic materials are exceeding in drinking water is a serious issue to think of.

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