Major Drug Bust Unveils €4 Million Smuggling Operation At Rosslare Harbour

In a significant crackdown on illicit activities, authorities at Rosslare Harbour in Wexford intercepted a massive drug shipment worth €4 million. The breakthrough occurred during a routine inspection of cargo arriving on a ferry from France. Revenue officers, vigilant in their duties, unearthed a substantial quantity of drugs cleverly concealed within the cargo.

Wexford Garda swiftly responded to the discovery, apprehending a man in his 30s believed to be connected to the smuggling operation. The suspect is currently in custody, awaiting further investigation.

The successful interception took place during a window when customary authorities were absent, highlighting the calculated nature of the operation. The seized drugs underscore the ongoing efforts to combat the illegal drug trade, safeguarding communities and disrupting criminal networks.

This operation, a testament to the cooperation between law enforcement agencies, marks a substantial victory in the ongoing battle against narcotics trafficking. The authorities remain committed to securing the nation’s borders and ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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