Mind & Body Defence-A Great Initiative For Women By Sport Ireland

The South Dublin County Sport Partnership along with Sport Ireland is organizing the Mind & Body Defence Programme for women.

This is the second time this programme is being held. After the success and encouragement of the first season, the Mind & Body Defence Programme for women will be back this May in full gear.

The classes will be held in 2 locations: Clondalkin and Tallaght. While classes in Clondalkin are held every Wednesday, classes, in Tallaght will be held every Monday.

These classes have been introduced due to the increase in the percentage of online bullying and the pressures of social media as well as due to the physical threat of violence against young people becoming more common in Ireland.

The classes are being taken by Lorna Lawless and Jaqueline Almeida. Lorna Lawless is a Coaching Psychologist and creator of Next Level Coaching. She has worked as a mindset coach in SBG Ireland and is currently researching women’s mental toughness through using combat sports.

Jaqueline Almeida is the founder and main coach of Ladies Self-Defence and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes at SBG Ireland HQ. Through this training, she teaches clients to physically defend themselves and to build confidence whilst also improving their overall health both physically and mentally.

The Mind & Body Defence Programme aims to educate women on how to develop a healthy mindset to manage anxiety, cope with life’s pressure and build confidence with the help of proven psychological techniques. In addition, it will teach potentially life-saving self-defense techniques. The combination of this dual approach is expected to increase the participant’s confidence in their mind and body.

To reserve places for classes in Tallaght, click here.

To reserve places for classes in Clondalkin, click here.

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