“This is a great and fantastic feeling” said Taoisech Michael Martin as he received his first AstraZeneca vaccine jab

Taoisech Michael Martin had urged the public to get their Covid 19 vaccines to protect themselves and the society and be an integral part in the government’s fight against the pandemic. He received his dose at the HSE vaccination centre in Cork City hall.

Taoisech said that he felt great after receiving his vaccine dose and sat for 15 minutes under observation. The vaccines are the game changers in the battle against Covid 19 and it’s crucial in the current situation that people should make use of their chance in receiving their vaccines.

The government is planning to administer 250,000 to 270,000 vaccines next week. Taoisech said that he would like to pay a tribute to all the medical frontline workers on behalf of himself and the government. The vaccine rollout in the country had been fast thus reduced the impact of the virus to a certain extent. The department of health is trying their maximum to finish vaccination without wasting the vaccines.

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