To Travel Or Not: Irish Citizenship Applicants Confused

If you are a recent Irish citizenship applicant or planning to apply for Irish citizenship, this might help you out.

What Does Citizens Information Say Now

If you spend more than 6 weeks outside of Ireland in the year immediately before your application, you may have to wait until the following year to make an application. If you had to leave Ireland for longer than 6 weeks because of an emergency, you should explain this in your application.

Altogether you must have 5 years (5 x 365 days*) reckonable residence out of the last 9 years. *You must add 1 day for any period which includes 29 February (a leap year).

Some categories of applicant can apply after 3 years residence (check out ‘The Minister’s power to waive conditions’ here).

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What Had Happened Earlier to Cause The Confusion

When a court ruling had been passed in 2019 saying that travel outside Ireland should not be done in the year immediately prior to citizenship application, it had led people to stress out.

But in the same year, it was confirmed in another court ruling that people can travel a little in the year before they apply for citizenship.

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