Change in vaccine priority list is not under consideration says HSE

The HSE had stressed that they will continue focusing on older people and medically vulnerable groups as priority vaccine seekers. HSE cheif Paul Reid said that he and his team were unaware of any talks or proposals in changing the priority list. The senior officials too comes in support of Reid and opines that this method of vaccination the elders remains the best way to reduce more harm.

A change in the vaccination plan will be the main risk that they could face. He added that HSE will rethink about this only if the government thinks otherwise, but all authorities and groups advice them to follow the tactics that they follow now.

The talks on change in vaccination priority list was steered up by the comments by Health minister Stephen Donelly. He stated that more consideration should be given to people aged 18-30 than elder people. Donelly thinks that this method could well being down the rate of virus spread among the travelling public.

Other government officials also thinks that people below 30 are more likely to socialize with the commons and thus they decide the rate of virus spread.

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