Childcare Providers Plan Three-Day Closure To Protest Financial Crisis In Sector

Childcare providers across Ireland are set to stage a nationwide protest by closing their doors for three days next week, from Tuesday to Thursday, to draw attention to the financial crisis plaguing the sector. The Federation of Early Childhood Providers estimates that this action will impact approximately 90,000 children and their parents.

A day of action is planned at Liberty Hall in Dublin city center on Tuesday morning, where parents, providers, and campaigners will voice their concerns. Orla O’Connor, Director of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, emphasized the need for substantial government support in the upcoming budget. While progress has been made, childcare fees have yet to be reduced by the promised 50%, and O’Connor stresses the importance of moving towards a not-for-profit, public model for childcare provision. Ireland currently faces some of the highest childcare costs in Europe, making it imperative for the government to prioritize this issue in Budget 2024 and beyond.

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