Eir accused of overcharging customers since 2015; Fine of €11.5 million expected

The telecommunications company Eircom is facing legal charges for overcharging customers in Ireland following the findings of Commission for Communications Regulation (Comerg). According to Comerg, Eircom which provides telecommunication services across the country under the brand Eir is overcharging around 71,000 customers since 2015. Within the last six years, the company have made a sum of €4.7 million by this wrongdoing. Comerg also accuses that Eir still continue charging customers in breach of the law.

According to a report by Breaking News.ie, the Commercial Court heard Comreg has brought proceedings against Eircom Ltd., trading as Eir, under a legal mechanism which allows it to apply to the court to put an end to overcharging in circumstances where it is alleged the practice has been ongoing and where there is provision for a penalty of €11.5 million or an amount set by the court.

Meanwhile Eircom denied the allegations but admitted that some billing mistakes have been occurred. But they claim that the amount is not on the scale alleged by Comreg.

The case has been accepted in file by Mr. Justice Denis McDonald and he adjourned the matter for a week to decide how the case should proceed.

Comreg seeks orders under the Communications Regulation Act 2002 that Eircom cease contraventions of the Act including in relation to charging customers more than the charges set out in their contracts.  It also seeks that it refrain from charging customers where they have requested their service cease and from charging “early termination” fees.

Earlier Eir had been convicted for overcharging on 30 counts and have fined a sum of €67,500 on different circumstances. But it is accused that the company is continuing the wrongdoing even after these convictions.

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