GP who tried to propagate Covid 19 as a hoax suspended by the High Court

A general practitioner who told his patient that ”Covid 19 is a hoax” has been ruled as suspended from further medicinal practices by the High Court. Dr Gerard Waters was suspended by the judgement of Justice Mary Irvine, pending the outcome of any full disciplinary proceedings into allegations against him.

In the judgement made by Ms Justice Irvine told that a patient who attended a surgery under him had filed a complaint against the doctor to the Medical council. The patient had a chest infection and had doubts about a Covid 19 infection. The patient then attended another doctor and was adviced that the symptoms were not consistent enough to detect the presence of Covid 19 virus.

The patient chose surgery under Dr Waters saw pamphlet with the message ‘No pandemic kills us’. This was felt as a barrage of nonsense by the patient which may act as a hoax among the public.

These allegations were sufficient in the eyes of the justice to pass on the warrant for his temporary suspension and the objections put by the doctor where not so strong enough to defend his side.

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