Lady with Bindi, Dr. Swati Mohan has made India proud & inspired women across globe to reach for stars, moon and mars.

Dr. Swati Mohan is an Indian-American aerospace engineer and was the Guidance and Controls Operations Lead for the NASA Mars 2020 mission. When NASA’s Perseverance successfully landed on mars, Banglore born Mohan said “Touchdown Confirmed” that made NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena into celebrations and clippings.

Dr.Mohan migrated to US only when she was one year old the completed her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, She finished her M.S. and Ph.D from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Aeronautics/Astronautics.  

Most of Mohan’s childhood was spent in the Northern Virginia-Washington DC area and she became interested in space after watching  Start Trek at age 9.

“I’ve been on Perseverance longer than I’ve been at any school. I’ve been on Perseverance longer than my younger daughter is alive. It’s just taken up such a large portion of my life for so long,” Dr Mohan talked to Florida Today.

NASA released a video of the success of NASA’s mission that shows  Dr Swati wearing a small bindi on her forehead. The tiny bind  of Dr.Mohan generated a huge buzz on social media in India . Since being shared, the video clip of Mohan  has gained a massive number of positive responses. “An inspiration for budding scientists around the world,” said one Twitter user.

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