Dublin’s oldest Christmas market to reopen with 42 stalls this weekend

Dublin’s oldest Christmas market will reopen from this weekend at Henry Street, the City Council has said. The market was restricted only to 25 stalls last year due to Covid and the reopening will consist 42 stalls this year.

Christmas gifts, toys, decorative items and much more await the customers, the council said ahead of the market reopening. The market will operate from Henry Street to Mary Street.

The Christmas market shopping at Henry Street is a longstanding tradition of of Dubliners, the council said during the reopen announcement.

“As the oldest Christmas market in Dublin, it boasts a rich history that spans generations. It has been a part of the city centre Christmas shopping experience over the last few decades, for those from Dublin and beyond,” the council said in a statement.

The stalls will be open from 10 AM till 9 PM except on Christmas day.

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