Homeless people in Ireland increased consecutively for fifth month; 2,513 children don’t have a home to sleep on this Christmas

The number of homeless people in the country has increased for the fifth time in a row. According to the latest report, there are 8,830 people in Ireland who are in need of emergency accommodation. 2,513 among them are children.

From September to October, 355 more people became homeless, which is a dramatic surge in the recent years.

The number of families without home has been increased by 77 and now stands at 1,082. The number of homeless children increased by 169.

The charities in Ireland have expressed their concern pertaining the issue and say many people will be sleeping outside during this Christmas season.

“This is highly worrying at any time but especially when the number of Covid-19 cases have risen so much again.” Focus Ireland director of advocacy Mike Allen said.

The reason behind the increase is continued surge in rents, the charity organization Focus Ireland pointed out. It puts high pressure on families and individuals as well as on low-income households. The landlords have issued over 2,000 eviction notices in the first nine months of the year, meanwhile the notices issued last year in a whole were 1,902.

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