Kerala House to organise bus services from all counties for the Kerala House Carnival in Ireland

The biggest gathering of Indians in Ireland, the Kerala House Carnival, is back with a bang. This mega event will be held on 17th June 2023 in Dublin.

Kerala House is organising special bus services in honour of the Kerala House Carnival, which takes place at Lucan Youth Centre, Primrose Lane.

Special bus services will be operated from all of the nation’s counties to and from the carnival area on June 17 under the coordination of Kerala House.

The organisers urged people who needed bus service to make reservations in advance. The following numbers may be used to purchase tickets, get directions, and make reservations:

From Wexford (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SELECT ASIA-0892003318 KERALA HOUSE (Biju) 0877526269

From Waterford (€25 per ticket)

For booking: GREEN CHILLY-0876189554 SELECT ASIA-0852707935 SPICE WORLD-0899630090 KERALA HOUSE (Bijukuttan)-0879738186

From Kilkenny (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SPICE BAZAR-0766234105 KERALA HOUSE (Jacob)-0876134438

From Limerick (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SELECT ASIA- 0876924225 GREEN CHILLY-0876655191 KERALA HOUSE (Jeevan)-0877468054

From Sligo (€25 per ticket)

For booking: ROYAL SPICELAND:0892610050 KERALA HOUSE (Anil)-0894750507

From Cork (€30 per ticket)

For booking: SPICE TOWN: 0858520202 KERALA HOUSE (Shibu)- 0892157373

From Thullamore & Mullingar (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SPICE BAZAR-0894224657 KERALA HOUSE (Kisan Thomas)-0876288906

From Cavan (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SPICE BAZAR- 0494371804 KERALA HOUSE (Paval)-0872168440

From Galway (€25 per ticket)

For booking: GREEN CHILLY-0871426257 ASIA LAND-0892490690 KERALA HOUSE (Tobi)-0877553140

From Belfast (€25 per ticket)

For booking- NOVEL SPICE- (44)7858026004 Mr. SPICE- (44)7440546123 KERALA HOUSE (Justin)- (353)872671587

From Castlebar (€25 per ticket)

For booking: GRANDBAZAR ASIAN STORES: 0872188629 KERAKA HOUSE-(Sujith)-0892530086

From Letterkenny (€25 per ticket)

For booking: SPICELAND-0899523523 KERALA HOUSE (Tijo)- 0894386373

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