TDs, Senators and Ministers to receive security briefings amid safety fears

Members of the Oireachtas are to receive briefings on security measures from an Garda Síochána amid increasing fears for politicians’ safety in recent years.

TDs, senators and Ministers have been invited to attend the safety and security briefings on 16 and 23 February.

An official from the Oireachtas is also engaging with social media companies about the safe use of their platforms, with politicians understood to be particularly concerned about the sharing of their home addresses online.

They were also offered a safety review of their constituency offices. This will be conducted by a local Divisional Crime Prevention Officer (CPO).

The recent killing of Conservative MP David Amess in the UK has sparked growing concern among politicians in Ireland regarding their personal safety and also that of their staff.

However, there has also been a series of incidents concerning TDs, senators, and senior Government politicians.

It is understood that the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission, which oversees the running of the Oireachtas and comprises politicians, will assess the outcome of the Garda security reviews with a view to providing partial funding to TDs and senators for any security costs incurred.

This could include the purchase of CCTV cameras, locks or any other security features deemed necessary by Gardaí.

While the security assessment will initially involve a review of TDs’ constituency offices, it is believed gardaí will take a “holistic approach” by considering the safety of politicians’ homes and their method of travel to work.

Many politicians have already invested in security at their homes and offices at their own expense.

Asked about plans for a safety briefing or funding for security facilities, the Oireachtas said that it “always considers any relevant recommendations that arise in relation to such matters”.

News credit: RTE

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