4,800 people granted Irish citizenship in ceremony; India, UK applicants top list

A total of 4,800 persons were conferred with Irish citizenship in six separate ceremonies that took place at the INEC in Killarney on June 10, 11.

According to the Department of Justice, the applicants were drawn from 138 countries with the highest number of applicants from India (995), the UK (416), Brazil (294), Philippines (291), Poland (271), Romania (245), and South Africa (231).

Retired Justice Mary Irvine and Justice Paddy McMahon administered to the attendees the declaration of fidelity to the Irish nation and loyalty to the state.

New Irish citizens are contributing to a diverse and inclusive workforce, bringing a range of skills and talents that enhance the overall capabilities of the labour market and economy.

Citizenship ceremonies were first introduced in 2011 in order to mark the occasion of the granting of citizenship in a dignified and solemn manner. A total of 175 such ceremonies have place since the inception with approximately 176,000 people from over 180 countries receiving their certificates of naturalization.

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