A lift in restrictions should not break the local lockdowns as counties like Donegal may face severe pandemic spread

Junior minister Pippa Hackett had said that even though restrictions are lifted in the country, local restrictions could be implemented as per the situation in the respective counties. Donegal was a main county which was spotted by the minister and meetings have already been carried out between Donegal representatives and public health chiefs.

Reports from Nphet shows that Donegal is the county with highest rate of Covid positive cases at 293.4 per 100,000 population. Milford and Letterkenny areas have around five times the national average in number of Covid cases. The government and local governance bodies have to work with the people to defend the spread rate of the pandemic.

This situation may happen for any of the counties. Now it’s Donegal and tomorrow it may be any other county. Offaly was the county with the highest incident rate last week. The authorities are very happy on the people as they co-operated with the governing body very well and brought down the number of cases to the bottom of the table.

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