City Council launches E-cargobikes for business to deliver goods in Dublin

Dublin City Council has introduced electric cargobikes targeting businesses in the city in collaboration with bike sharing operator Bleeper. The project is on a trial basis and will run for a period of six months. The businesses can rent the E-cargobikes at a low rate of Є100 per month and use it instead of van or car to deliver goods.

The project is part of the wider Green Ireland plan and anyone does business inside the area of the city council can avail bikes. Anyone who wishes to take part in the project can apply here:

The pedal assisted E-cargobikes have maximum loading capacity of 60kg. Once charged, the bike can run up to 160km and can be fully charged in six hours.

The objectives of the project includes introduction of more businesses in the Dublin City Council area to an alternative mode for mobility and last-mile deliveries that is both good for the environment and their health and well-being.

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