Delta variant increases as the country opens up to foreign visitors

Delta surge engulfing Ireland as the country opens up its borders to foreign travel from today. Experts warn Europe that the delta variant could make up 90% of cases by late august Almost  3,700 cases have been reported in Ireland over the past three days, and it has been warned that we  could see a further surge in cases.

From today non-essential travel is permitted in Ireland, while England is opening up for its so-called ‘Freedom Day’. Yesterday the UK recorded more than 48,000 cases of Covid-19.

“If travel increases from the UK into Ireland, it’s very likely we will get an increase in cases from that,” UCD virologist Dr Gerald Barry told the Irish Independent.

The W.H.O. says the European soccer championships are driving virus cases. The E.U. is urged to help African nations buy vaccines. Delta variant leaves southern Europe struggling to save summer tourism Portugal Announces Curfews as Delta Variant Spreads.

Economist warns that this summer for south Europeans countries, which depends on tourism will be affect badly like the previous year due to surge in Delta variant.Spain,Portugal and Malta tightened restrictions for UK tourists from this week and Italy made mandatory 5 day quarantine for all UK travellers.

Since there was 80% drop in tourism for European countries for an year many countries are trying to regain the losses incurred. The German chancellor also chided Greece for accepting visitors inoculated with Chinese and Russian vaccines that have not been approved by EU authorities. Greece this week said it would require a negative coronavirus test from all passengers arriving from Russia, even if they were vaccinated.

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