Dublin Government Considers Ambitious Plan to Build 50,000 Homes Annually Amid Housing Crisis

In response to Ireland’s housing crisis, Prime Minister Leovaradkar announced that the government is contemplating a significant increase in its home construction target, aiming for 50,000 homes per year. The National Development Plan initially proposed 33,000 homes annually, a figure criticized by the ESR as insufficient given the country’s population. While not fully endorsing the Labor Party’s motion led by Ivana Basik, the Prime Minister disclosed the cabinet’s decision not to oppose it, emphasizing a broader objective. Additionally, the government agreed to extend the successful Tenant in Situ scheme, allowing tenants to purchase rented homes designated for social housing. Labor leader Basik stressed the need for tangible government action, urging immediate measures to protect tenants from illegal evictions and rent hikes. The resolution signals a shift from empty promises to proactive steps in addressing Ireland’s housing woes.

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