Electric Car Sales Decline in Ireland, Toyota Leads Market

Electric car sales in Ireland have declined again this year, showing a significant 21.85% drop. EVs now make up just 13% of the total market share. Despite this decrease, the overall car market in Ireland grew by 3.8%.

Petrol cars dominate the market with a 33.3% share, while diesel cars hold 23%. Hybrid cars are becoming more popular, with regular hybrids accounting for 22% of sales and plug-in hybrids making up 9%.

By the end of May, a total of 77,453 cars were sold in Ireland. Toyota leads the market with 11,479 cars sold. Volkswagen follows in second place with 8,332 cars, and Skoda is third with 8,012 cars sold.

The rise in hybrid vehicle sales suggests that while fully electric vehicles face challenges, consumers are increasingly opting for hybrid options as a compromise between traditional fuel and electric power.4o

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