Goods imports from Britain to Ireland falls by 65 percent

The imports from Britain have been dropped by 65% as compared to the last year.

Pre- Brexit stockpiling, new customs requirements and Covid 19 restrictions are the reasons according to Orla McCarthy, the senior statistician of Central Statistics Office.

The end of the Brexit transition period which brings an end to the free movement of goods between Britain and European Union member states was marked by the beginning of 2021.

A reduction in trade which happened due to Covid 19 pandemic, the impost of goods from other countries, and stockpiling in the last phase of 2020 was the main factors which affected the decline in the imports from Britain.

There have been a decline in importing of goods which values almost €906 millions from Britain and 14% decline in export rate to Britain.

Evidently there was a 12% decline in the exports and a 20% decline in the imports. Customs officials discarded Brexit which was considered as a reason which affected the imports and exports. The largest decrease in the exports was food and live and live animals by 33 percent.

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