India tops among the countries with most number of registered immigrants in Ireland

The highest number of registered immigrants in Ireland are from India, the new annual report from the Department of Immigration shows. The department today published annual review of 2020 in which India accounts for 21% of the all registered immigrants in Ireland.

The top 10 countries with registered nationals are as follows:

· India (21%),

· Brazil (14%),
· China (7%),
· USA (6%),
· Pakistan (5%),
· Nigeria (4%),
· Philippines (4%),
· South Africa (3%)
· Malaysia (2%), and
· Canada (2%)

The number of people registered for stay has been reduced compared to 2019. In 2020, ISD and An Garda Síochána issued over 157,000 new or renewed registrations of permission to remain in the State, a reduction of just 7% on pre-pandemic levels. In 2019 there were 169,733 people registered.

Most people with permission to remain in the State are working or studying.

Meanwhile India comes second in the countries where citizens are given long term residence. China tops the list with 43 people and India has 34 people given long term residency status in Ireland. Pakistan comes third with 28 people. In total 188 people were given long term residency in 2020.

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