International HouseGalway gone into liquidation with nearly 200 international students affected

Concerns for international students residing in the City have been raised by the confirmation that International House Galway has shut its doors and entered liquidation.

International House Galway is a division of International House, which offers courses in English and teaching English as a foreign language as well as mini-stay and summer programmes.

It is believed that this closure may have an impact on up to 200 students.

In a letter sent to partners by International House Galway that Galway Bay FM News was able to obtain, it was announced that the company would be liquidating itself because it had been impossible to make enough money from sales to pay off the debts that had accumulated as a result of Covid’s negative effects and to cover other ongoing expenses.

The letter concluded by stating that a meeting of creditors will be called after the directors have appointed liquidators.

The Irish Council for International Students said it is “deeply concerned” about the “sudden closure” of IHG.

Speaking to Galway Bay FM News CEO of Galway Cultural Institute David Niland explained that international students who have enrolled in International House Galway will be protected by protection of enrolled learners meaning they will be able to continue their studies elsewhere.

While it is encouraging that students will have the option to complete their studies in other schools, Laura Harmon, Executive Director of The Irish Council for International Students, stated that they are still monitoring the situation.

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