International Nurses Day celebrations by Cork Pravasi Malayali Association

The Cork Pravasi Malayali Association (CPMA), a prominent organisation that represents for the Malayali community in Cork, joyfully celebrated International Nurses Day 2023.

The Cork Pravasi Malayali Association, an organisation well-known for its work to advance multiculturalism and harmony, did an outstanding job planning a unique and heartfelt event to recognise nurses and healthcare professionals for their outstanding achievements. Association members, healthcare workers, and well-wishers all showed up in large numbers to the ceremony at Bru Columbanus, Cork.

Distinguished visitors, including representatives from the local government and the medical community, were present for the opening ceremony that kicked off the celebrations. The welcoming speech was given by Sandhya Subhash.

An inspirational address by the Chief guest Catherine Courtney, the industrial relations officer for the Irish Nurses and Midwifery Organisation (INMO), highlighted the crucial part that nurses play in healthcare systems all over the world.

CPMA President Shibin Kunjumon presided over the function. Reema Anthony (Cork Indian Nurses Association) and Shinto Jose (Migrant Nurses Ireland) commemorated the contributions of nurses. Shiju Joy, the secretary of the CPMA, Janet Renju, and others delivered Falicitations.

“Our nurses’ our future” was a topic Jesili Panicker addressed in her speech. Melba Wilson delivered the vote of thanks and Anima Justin hosted the event.

The event featured a number of cultural performances, including dance and music.The Cork Pravasi Malayali Association (CPMA) honoured Malayali nurses Jessie Cyriak, Sheeba Joseph, Reema Antony, and Joyce Jolly for their contributions to the nursing field in Ireland during a 20-year period.

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