Ireland Opens Recruitment for Garda Reserve: Opportunities for Non-Residents

Ireland has begun recruiting 650 new members for the Garda Reserve, aiming to reach a total of 1,000 members by 2026, up from the current 341. This initiative offers a significant opportunity for non-residents, including Indians, to join the country’s volunteer police force, An Garda Síochána.

As part of the recruitment drive, stipends for reserve members have been increased. Volunteers working over 200 hours annually will receive an additional €3,000 tax-free. This move comes amid ongoing criticism about the Garda’s fuel shortages affecting law and order.

The Garda Reserve, established in 2006, consists of volunteers who support Garda officers in reducing crime, managing traffic, and overseeing large events. They also perform administrative duties. Allowances for reserve members are based on their specific skills.

Foreign nationals, including Indians, are welcomed to apply if they have been legally resident in Ireland for at least five years. This inclusive approach aims to enhance the diversity and effectiveness of the Garda Reserve.

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