Job creation ahead of target – 218,178 now employed by Enterprise Ireland client companies

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, and Enterprise Ireland, the government agency responsible for developing Irish business globally, today announced the creation of 19,660 new jobs by Enterprise Ireland client companies in 2022. The job growth translates into a net increase of 10,841 jobs created last year.

Enterprise Ireland companies now employ 218,178 people, an increase of 5% on the 2021 outturn and 68% of these jobs are outside Dublin.

Employment increased across Enterprise Ireland’s three core economic sectors – Technology & Services (+8%), Industrial and Life Sciences (+5%) and Food and Sustainability (+3%).

Strong employment growth was reported in specific sub-sectors such as:

  • Climate, Sustainability and Agritech (+13%)
  • Digital Technology (+9%)
  • High Tech Construction and Housing (+6%)
  • Fintech, Financial and Business Services (+6%)

The Life Sciences and Engineering sectors both saw 5% employment growth.

Speaking at the launch of the figures today Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, said: “The employment base in Ireland is already strong as further evidenced by the substantial jobs figures announced today by Enterprise Ireland. 2021 was a record year for employment creation in Enterprise Ireland companies and to see a further 5% increase in total employment in 2022 shows the potential we have to continue to go from strength-to-strength. But we must not be complacent, and we need to continue to focus on the right things to further build the resilience of business and to keep innovation at the heart of that.

“A real positive of today’s results is the regional balance in terms of both new jobs created and total employment. More than 147,000 people in the regions are now employed by Enterprise Ireland client companies, making an enormous contribution to local economies and communities.

“The government’s target to have a record 2.5 million people employed by 2024 has already been exceeded. Enterprise Ireland has also exceeded its own employment target for 2022 with these results announced today.

“I firmly believe that with a strong focus on innovation, digitalisation, sustainability and regional development, Enterprise Ireland will continue to enhance their significant contribution to growing and maintaining quality jobs in every region and county in Ireland.

“The White Paper on Enterprise which we published last December together with progressing the recommendations of the SME Taskforce and, in combination with Enterprise Ireland’s own strategy, will help to guide us on our journey to drive the improvements that matter most to small businesses, particularly the evolution towards a green and digital future, which are the twin pillars of our future enterprise policy.

“To help business to adapt and to make the necessary changes we need to build on successful interventions, like the Digital and Green Transition Funds, and to reap the opportunities available.

“The results announced today give us a really strong platform on which to further grow and expand our enterprise base and in a sustainable way.”

Enterprise Ireland CEO Leo Clancy said: “I am delighted to announce that 2022 was a strong year with our client companies creating 19,660 new jobs, growing net employment by 5%. This compares favorably with the latest CSO Labour Force Survey for 2022 which showed an increase of 3.4% in total employment across the economy.

“Of note is the significant growth in key sectors of the economy ranging from Lifesciences, Prepared Consumer Food to Technology and Services.”

Today’s announcement takes place at leading Irish tech firm Version 1’s headquarters in Dublin.

Leo Clancy continued: “Enterprise Ireland supported companies like Version 1 play a vital role in the Irish economy, employing more than 218,000 people in cities, towns and villages throughout the country and making an enormous contribution to local economies.

“Supporting Irish-owned companies to achieve greater scale and expand their global footprint is a priority for Enterprise Ireland in 2023 and we are committed to supporting Irish companies on their journey to become global leaders in their field. This will ensure that Irish enterprise continues to create and sustain jobs, providing a platform for strong economic growth into the future.”

Version 1, a Technology Services company supported by Enterprise Ireland, recently surpassed 3,000 employees globally. Version 1 has embraced hybrid working and so, alongside employees in its Dublin, Cork and Belfast offices, it also has many employees working remotely from other locations across the country.

Louise Lahiff, Director of Strategy and People, Version 1 said: “Enterprise Ireland’s support has been essential in enabling our rapid growth, in particular in an environment with strong overseas competition for talent. We are proud to offer compelling, high quality, flexible job opportunities across Ireland in a values-led organisation and will continue to do so in 2023.”

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