Lack of Pay Deterring Applicants for Green Jobs in Ireland

Dublin: A recent report highlights that despite a surge in green job vacancies in Ireland, low pay is deterring applicants. According to research by employment website Indeed, there has been a 93 percent increase in green jobs, but a 40 percent of employees feel these positions are poorly paid.

Since 2019, the number of job seekers for green positions, such as wind energy engineers, solar panel installers, and construction workers, has dropped by seven percent. Awareness about these jobs and their qualifications is low, with 39 percent of people unaware of the necessary qualifications.

The demand for green professionals is rising due to mandatory Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards. The EU now requires non-financial ESG reporting for businesses with over 500 employees, making the shortage of green workers critical, according to Jack Kennedy, a senior economist at Indeed.

While salary is a major issue, the lack of awareness about job opportunities and misconceptions about suitability also contribute to the problem. Despite these challenges, 89 percent of employers and employees agree that sustainability is crucial for the country’s future success, and 72 percent of employers have dedicated sustainability departments.4o

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