Indian Woman Becomes Ireland Law Society’s Ambassador

For Kannur-born Anjusha Ashok, moving to Ireland just after marriage was an exciting prospect. The India-based law graduate had no second thoughts, nor did she baulk at the challenges ahead.

With bright-eyed optimism, Anjusha landed in the emerald isle with a suitcase full of dreams, hopes, and the Law as her lifeblood.

But to become a qualified lawyer in Ireland, she had to crack the Law Society of Ireland’s Entrance Examination, which is perhaps one of the toughest tests in Ireland.

Add to it the woes of her Stamp 3 visa, which didn’t give her a work permit in the country, and she had the perfect recipe to lose heart. However, the young woman dared to dream on.

She worked hard and systemically prepared for the exam, which had more than eight papers altogether. As for Anjusha, it was a race to see how fast she could cram three years’ worth of syllabus.

Anjusha Ashok with husband Vijesh Balan

After just eight months since she reached Ireland, in Oct. 2019, the young lawyer took the exam, and passed it with flying colours. While that made her a member of the Law Society of Ireland, she still had to overcome many hurdles before she could start practicing as a lawyer in the country.

Anjusha had to complete a solicitor apprenticeship first. For a long time, she kept applying to law firms across Dublin for training contracts and waited in vain for a response. “The main impediment was my visa status,” says Anjusha.

A year later, after scores of trips to immigration offices to cut the red tape, Anjusha successfully secured a Stamp 1 visa, which helped her land a contract at Crowley Millar, a well-known law firm in Dublin.

Before the commencement of her training at Crowley Millar, Anjusha did a six-month course by the Law Society. No prizes for guessing; Anjusha scored well in this exam too.

But the real surprise came later via Gmail. The Law Society of Ireland sent her a mail, inviting her to be an ambassador in their law school. As an ambassador, Anjusha would mentor students and help shape their careers in law.

Anjusha’s husband Vijesh Balan works as a Lead Lighter with Brownbag Films, Dublin. Her father, Ashokan, is a retired army officer,  and her mother Hema, is a homemaker. She also has an elder brother, Akshay.

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