Man who bit garda and threatened another officer that he would put bullet in her head to get community service

A young father who bit a garda officer and threatened to kill another garda officer will probably get community service instead of jail term. The accused Leon Travers (24) was arrested back on 29th of October 2018 in connection with a public order offense now faces trial for attacking garda officers and threatening them while under arrest.

He was arrested from Dublin and brought to Blanchardstown Garda Station as he allegedly created disturbances to the public order.

He had a nose injury while the garda preforming the arrest and was then taken to James Connolly Memorial hospital. There too he continued the aggressive behaviour and threatened a female garda officer that he would stick scissors to her neck. Also he threatened another female officer saying “I’ll get a few of the kids to put a bullet in your head.” He also threw a fan at the officers and kicked instruments at the hospital while under treatment.

On the next day, when another male officer was talking to him about the court procedures, the accused bit him which left a black mark on the officer’s hand.

The defense said the court that the nose injury of the accused was happened during the tensions of the arrest. The defense lawyer also said his client offers an apology for his behaviour and regrets his actions and he is also a full-time father to his three young children. He has no previous convictions.

Considering all these facts, Judge Martin Nolan said he would impose 150 hours of community service in lieu of a six month prison sentence. He adjourned the matter to allow the Probation Service to confirm that Travers is suitable for community service. The case will return to court on 7 February next year.

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