Riot Games plans to hire 120 people for an e-sports broadcast centre in Dublin

Riot Games, a US video game developer, aims to set up 120 highly skilled positions at its new remote broadcast facility in Dublin.

The most well-known product that Riot Games is known for is League of Legends, one of the most popular PC games ever. It has been operating in Ireland since opening its EMEA headquarters there in 2010, and it currently employs 165 employees there.

The company announced plans last October to make Dublin a base for one of its three planned remote broadcasting centres for e-sports. It has dubbed the plan Project Stryker.

The new location will serve as a key broadcasting hub for regional and international live e-sports tournaments across Riot’s titles and is situated in the former Wright Venue in Swords, Co. Dublin.

The investment, according to the firm, will boost Riot’s Esports content and events’ capacity while decreasing operational expenses. It will also guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency across all Esports productions, providing 145 million fans with a world-class viewing experience.

The esports industry is growing quickly; according to current estimates, it will be worth around €1.7 billion in 2022.

“This is certainly an amazing day for Riot Games and the future of Esports,” said John Needham, president of Esports at Riot Games, in response to the announcement.

“Project Stryker has come a long way from a visionary concept three years in the making, to this incredible state-of-the-art creative space that further extends Riot’s footprint in the city and showcases the deep ties to entertainment and innovation found in Dublin.”

Allyson Gormley, general manager, Project Stryker said: “Dublin is now at the forefront of a new frontier and the team will be part of an exciting new chapter in live broadcasting. Our always-on 24 entertainment broadcast model reflects the changing needs and desire of audiences”

“Dublin is an ideal location to support this growth-with an exceptional talent pool, ease of doing business and key strategic position making it the perfect hub for the first of the Riot Games trio of RBCs.

“The skills required as part of the Esports industry are many and the creation of 120 plus roles in Dublin, adding to our existing workforce, reflects the commitment of Riot Games and Project Stryker to Ireland.”

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